FealGood Foundation list of those with cancer and those who died from cancer

This list was compiled from various unions, advocates, media, Internet, public records and the FGF’s client list. This list contains members of FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, EMT/EMS, and Construction Workers/Trade & Volunteers.

1-R. Alexander                                      Lung Cancer                                           Deceased

2-J. Armenia                                           Cancer

3-K. Arsenault                                        Thyroid Cancer

4-V. Albanese                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

5-D. Armagno                                         Liver Cancer

6-L. Angellone                                       Lung Cancer

7-Anspach                                                Esophageal Cancer                              Deceased

8-Archili                                                    Small Intestines                                    Deceased

9-Aviles                                                      Brain Cancer                                   Deceased

10-Aviles                                                   Lung Cancer                                    Deceased

11-C. Acosta                                            Testicular Cancer

12-M. Bishop                                          Lung Cancer

13-T. Brophy                                           Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

14-D. Bayles                                            Carcinoma

15-P. Bruno                                             Skin Cancer

16-R. Brady                                              Red Cell Cancer

17-F. Bolusi                                              Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

18-H. Brown                                            Lung Cancer                                    Deceased

19-F. Brinkworth                                  Laryngeal Cancer                                 Deceased

20-R. Burke                                              Lung Cancer                                    Deceased

21-Bassi                                                      Non-Small Cell Lung                           Deceased

22-Blovin                                                  Small Cell Lung                                      Deceased

23-Boyles                                                  Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

24-Butler                                                  Colon Cancer                                  Deceased

25-L. Blieka                                              Prostate Cancer

26-Brown                                                  Rectal Cancer                                 Deceased

27-R. Borcherding                               Cancer                                                        Deceased

28-K. Crzartoryski                                Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

29-S. Callan                                              Mesothelioma

30-R. Chelsen                                         Multiple Myeloma                             Deceased

31-J. Claude                                            Bone/Lung Cancer                              Deceased

32-J. Cahill                                               Prostate Cancer

33-C. Caruso                                            Thyroid Cancer

34-C. Clark                                                Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

35-D. Conroy                                          Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

36-J. Costello                                         Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

37-Cozza                                                    Leukemia                                                  Deceased

38-J. Colleluori                                     Brain Cancer                                   Deceased

39-Christiano                                         Multiple Myeloma                        Deceased

40-Chiarantan                                        Non-Small Cell Carcinoma             Deceased

41-Collazo                                                Leukemia                                                  Deceased

42-Casertano                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

43-D. Catapano                                     Lymphocytic Leukemia

44-K. Cassidy                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

45-L. Dipasqua                                       Digestive Cancer

46-B. Deblancio                                                      Prostate Cancer

47-J. Devlin                                             Tongue/Lung Cancer

48-F. Doig                                                 Cancer

49-K. Delano                                           Larynx Cancer                                        Deceased

50-J. Duffy                                                Leukemia                                                  Deceased

51-Diamond                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

52-Damiano                                            Larynx Cancer                                        Deceased

53-Davidson                                            Lung Cancer                                    Deceased

54-Duffy                                                     Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

55-Dunn                                                    Gastric Carcinoma                               Deceased

56-K. Devine                                           Leukemia

57-M. Debiase                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

58-B. Emery                                             Cancer

59-R. Ehmer                                            Kidney Cancer                                Deceased

60-Edwards                                              Colon/Lung                                     Deceased

61-B. Ellicott                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

62-B. Edwards                                        Cancer

63-J. Ferraya                                           Cancer

64-L. Ferrara                                           Brain Cancer

65-V. Fristia                                             Multiple Myeloma

66-J. Ferrari                                             Cancer

67-T. Fay                                                    Non-Hodgkin’s

68-D. Fink                                                 Skin Cancer

69-L. Ferrell                                            Squamous Cell

70-E. Ferraro                                           Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

71-B. Foss                                                  Stomach Cancer                                   Deceased

72-W. Franklin                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

73-R. Ford                                                 Cancer                                                        Deceased

74-Fradella                                              Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

75-Folk                                                       Lung Cancer                                    Deceased

76-Falu                                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

77-B. Galfano                                          Intestinal Cancer                           Deceased

78-D. Gasak                                              Thyroid Cancer

79-R. Geidel                                            Cancer

80-M. Gavin                                            Non-Hodgkin’s

81-R. Grossman                                     Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

82-M. Gallo                                             Cancer

83-J. Garafolo                                         Cancer

84-A. Gonzalez                                      Thyroid Cancer

85-M. Gajewski                                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

86-Gyuris                                                  Leukemia                                                  Deceased

87-Gorman                                              AML Leukemia                                      Deceased

88-J. McFarland                                    Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

89-R. Helmke                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

90-A. Herrmann                                   Cancer                                                        Deceased

91-A. Hoare                                             Lung Cancer

92-R. Hauber                                          Esophageal Cancer                              Deceased

93-S. Higts                                                Cancer

94-K. Hawkins                                        Kidney Cancer                                       Deceased

95-W. Holfester                                    Non-Hodgkin’s                                       Deceased

96-D. Hoganson                                    Prostate Cancer

97-Hubert                                                Lung/Brain Cancer                              Deceased

98-R. Hillaire                                          Thyroid Cancer

99-J. Hawe                                               Cancer                                                        Deceased

100-G. Iacono                                        Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

101-A. Incarbone                                Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

102-Isaac                                                   Cervical Cancer                                                       Deceased 

103-J. Jones                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

104-S. Johnson                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

105-V. Johnson                                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

106-Joseph                                              Lung Cancer                                            Deceased                    

107-M. Kendrick                                  Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

108-D. Knecht                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

109-P. Kirshner                                                       Cancer

110-T. Lockwood                                 Leukemia                                                  Deceased

111-Lewis                                                 Kidney Cancer                                       Deceased

112-G. Levy                                             Leukemia                                                  Deceased

113-Lorenzo                                           Liver                                                             Deceased

114-F. Lombardo                                 Follicular Lymphoma

115-D. Mahmoud                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

116-B. McCauley                                 Cancer                                                        Deceased

117-T. McCaffrey                                 Throat Cancer                                        Deceased

118-J. McNamara                                Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

119-P. Malano                                       Lymphoma

120-M. Mahoney                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

121-B. McKiernan                               Cancer

122-J. McCabe                                      Cancer

123-K. Meshia                                       Cancer

124-J. Marino                                        Non-Hodgkin’s

125-F. Macari                                         Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

126-R. Manetta                                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

127-W. Marzocchi                              Blood Cancer                                          Deceased

128-R. McCormick                              Non-Hodgkin’s                                       Deceased

129-C. McMurray                                Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

130-P. Murphy                                      Cancer                                                                                           

131-J. Murray                                        Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

132-M. Morales                                   Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

133-S. McCarthy                                  Cancer                                                        Deceased

134-S. Mosiello                                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

135-V. Mauro                                        Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

136-Mazarese                                        Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

137-McAuslan                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

138-Mungen                                          Lymphoma                                               Deceased

139-McCoy                                              Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

140-Melaniff                                          Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

141-Mollahan                                        Kidney Cancer                                       Deceased

142-Mucciola                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

143-Muligan                                           Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

144-C. Milosevich                               Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

145-R. Natal                                            Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

146-V. Navarra                                      Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

147-A. Nuccio                                        Melanoma                                               Deceased

148-T. Neal                                              Cancer                                     

149-W. O’Conner                                Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

150-R. Oswain                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

151-O’Loughlin                                                       Stomach Cancer                                   Deceased

152-Orsulich                                           Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

153-F. Paultre                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

154-G. Pennington                             Lymphoma                                               Deceased

155-S. Petrovich                                  Tongue Cancer 

156-D. Phillips                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

157-Pacheco                                          Gastric Cancer                                       Deceased

158-Pappalardo                                    Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

159-Perrotti                                           Renal Cancer                                          Deceased

160-Puma                                                 Cancer                                                        Deceased

161-R. Pfiefer                                         Cancer

162-G. Quibell                                      AML Leukemia                                      Deceased

163-B. Quick                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

164-P. Rooney                                       Leukemia                                                  Deceased

165-L. Reiss                                             Cancer

166-R. Ragucci                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

167-B. Richardson                               Cancer

168-R. Reilly                                           Liver/Abdominal Cancer

169-P. Rodriguez                                 Thyroid Cancer                                      Deceased

170-J. Rodriguez                                  Cancer

171-D. Reeve                                         Mesothelioma                                      Deceased

172-R. Ruggiero                                    Cancer

173-T. Roberts                                       Esophagus Cancer                                Deceased

174-J. Ryan                                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

175-M. Ryan                                           Lymphoma                                               Deceased

176-S. Ryan                                              Leukemia

177-Regan                                                Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

178-R. Richards                                                       Multiple Myeloma

179-H. Smith                                          Kidney Cancer                                       Deceased

180-M. Summers                                 Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

181-G. Schump                                     Non-Hodgkin’s

182-F. Stuck                                            Throat Cancer                                        Deceased

183-K. Specht                                        Thyroid Cancer

184-R. Schor                                           Carcinoma                                                Deceased

185-M. Snadecky                                 Cancer                                                        Deceased

186-W. St. George                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

 187-J. Sullivan                                      Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

188-J. Stroehlein                                 Brain Cancer

189-J. Stillitano                                                      Cancer

190-A. Schille                                        Multiple Myeloma

191-V. Scudieo                                     Colon Cancer

192-Sciciliato                                         Esophageal Cancer                              Deceased

193-Suweidan                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

194-M. Tom                                            Liver/Brain Cancer                             Deceased

195-J. Thomas                                        Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

196-M. Tynan                                         Prostate Cancer

197-M. Tervellione                            Cancer

198-W. Voight                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

199-C. Vidro                                           Multiple Myeloma                             Deceased

200-B. Viania                                          Lymphoma                                               Deceased

201-Vincent                                           Liver                                                             Deceased

202-E. Vallebuona                              Non-Hodgkin’s

203-R. Wiebicke                                  Multiple Myeloma                             Deceased

204-J. Walcott                                       Leukemia

205-R. Winter                                        Leukemia                                                  Deceased

206-R. Williamson                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

207-J. Young                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

208-S. Yurek                                           Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

209-R. Zane                                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

210-B. McFadzen                                 Leukemia

211- J. Rodriguez                                 Cancer

212-L. Heyward                                                      Lymphoma                                               Deceased

213-A.Jurinko                                        Pancreatic                                                Deceased

214-M.Bananhan                                 Throat Cancer

215-R. Lingo                                            Lymphoma

216-D.Otten                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

217-P.Pallas                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

218-G.Allen                                            Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

219-F. Ghussin                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

220-R. Graves                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

221-R.Dillion                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

222-J.Daley                                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

223-P.Farrenkopf                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

224-R.Hess                                               Cancer                                                        Deceased

225-R.Hodges                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

226-E. Reilly                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

227-H.Wanamaker                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

228-P.Berger                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

229-C.Brown                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

230-C.Capobianco                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

231-F.Rosario                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

232-W.Moreau                                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

233-L.Badia                                             Bladder Cancer                                    

234-J.Boylan                                           Sarcoma

235-C.Cole                                               Brian Cancer                                           Deceased

236-J.Cortazzo                                       Blood Cancer                                          Deceased

237-B.Cornell                                        Thyroid Cancer

238-J. Dimarco                                      Leukemia

239-S.Adrian                                          Brian Cancer                                           Deceased

240-R.Dunbar                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

241-D.Feser                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

242-E.Gilpin                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

243-J.Goosdbee                                   Cancer                                                        Deceased

244-C.Hanarhan                                   Cancer                                                        Deceased

245-G.Mausberg                                  Cancer                                                        Deceased

246-E.Ortiz                                               Cancer                                                        Deceased

247-C.Ocasio                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

248-A.Peluso                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

249-G.Rex                                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

250-R.Rivera                                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

251-E.Thompson                                  Cancer                                                        Deceased

252-R.Weintraub                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

253-B.Mohammed                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

254-A.Baez                                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

255-G.Wong                                           Gastric Cancer                                       Deceased

256-L.Johnston                                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

257-R.Jakubowsky                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

258-R.Nicosia                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

259-P.Gerasimczya                             Cancer

260-D.Howley                                       Cancer

261-S.Rabiner                                        Cancer 

262-R.Bradley                                        Leukemia

263-G.Spinelli                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

264-D.Collins                                         Non-Hodgkin’s  

265-C.Russo                                            Throat Cancer

266-B.Gray                                               Prostate Cancer

267-V.Nitti                                              Thyroid Cancer 

268-A-Falco                                             Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

269-T.Wilson                                          Tongue Cancer

270-G.Kavakos                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

271-B.Malloy                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

272-J.O’Neill                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

273-C.Sealy                                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

274-E.Tietjen                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

275-W.Wilson                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

276-P.Triola                                            Kidney Cancer  

277-R.Dambakly                                   Lymphoma

278-A.Noonan                                       Leukemia

279-C.Capolino                                                       Leukemia

280-K.Wolfe                                           Throat Cancer

281-G.Carl                                                Throat Cancer

282-M.Behetti                                      Lung Cancer

283-J.Colon                                             Non-Hodgkin’s

284-L.Acevedo                                     Leukemia

285-F.Krines                                           Cancer

286-S.Mozes                                           Non-Hodgkin’s

287-R.Yecchione                                 Non-Hodgkin’s

288-R.Wallen                                         Myelodysplasia/Prostate Cancer

289-J.Costanza                                      Cancer

290-M.Mulqueen                               Colon Cancer

291-R.Lafuence                                                      Brain Cancer

292-J.Treuman                                      Brain Cancer

293-M.Jezycki                                       Leukemia

294-M.Young                                         Stomach Cancer

295-S.Blihar                                            Prostate Cancer

296-V.Dinnen                                        Esophageal Cancer                              Deceased

297-J.Burke                                             Prostate Cancer

298-D.McLarney                                  Cancer                                                        Deceased

299-J.Rappa                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

300- M.Sartoretti                                Non-Hodgkin’s

301-T.McCauley                                   Throat Cancer

302- F.Feeney                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

303-B.Fanara                                          Small Cell Lung/Brain    

304-L.Massa                                            Lung Cancer

305-F.Zambrano                                   Non-Hodgkin’s  

306-E.Cahlstadt                                                      Prostate Cancer

307-C.Hudson                                        Prostate Cancer

308-J.Clark                                               Prostate Cancer

309-S.Riedel                                           Prostate Cancer

310-C.Cooper                                        Bladder/Kidney Cancer

311-J.Fenrich                                         Colon Cancer

312-M.Mckay                                        Bone Cancer                                           Deceased

313-A.Bachmann                                 Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

314-S.Tallone                                         Lymphoma

315-G.Danza                                           Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

316-J.Bruinsma                                                       Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

317-P.Workman                                   Multiple Myeloma

318-D.Curaba                                         Bladder Cancer 

319-P.Sullivan                                       Leukemia                                                  Deceased

320-F.Thomas                                        Sarcoma

321-R.Torres                                           Colon Cancer

322-D.Mulholland                              Colon Cancer                                          Deceased

323-T.Frank                                             Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

324-M.Donnelly                                  Brain Cancer

325-S.Reisman                                      Brain Cancer      

326-C.Pupo                                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

327-D.Smith                                           Stomach Cancer

328-A.Mangaracina                           Thymic Carcinoma                              Deceased

329-M.McHugh                                                      Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

330-L.Sullivan                                        Cancer 

331-J.Leho                                               Cancer                                                        Deceased

332-J.Kristofferson                             Esophageal Cancer                              Deceased

333-S.Lancelot                                      Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

334-J.Loia                                                 Lung Cancer

335-D.Morales                                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

336-C.Strucker                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

337-N.Couluris                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

338-J.Kelly                                               Cancer

339-C.Jones                                            Esophageal Cancer

340-J.Wright                                          Skin Cancer

341-J.Riccardi                                        Lung Cancer

342-A.Mangaracina                           Cancer                                                        Deceased

343-D.Roblez                                         Cancer

344-G.Walsh                                           Mylo-Fibrosis

345-J.Garvin                                           Prostate Cancer

346-V.Romano                                      Thyroid Cancer

347-A.Pelzzynski                                  Colon Cancer

348-M.Behadi                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

349-R.Silogy                                            Cancer

350-M.Becker                                       Cancer

351-M.Blaha                                           Prostate Cancer

352-C.Gifford                                         Kidney Cancer

353-B.Lawrence                                   Breast Cancer

354-M.Aurisano                                   Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

355-T.Merriweather                         Pancreatic Cancer                               Deceased

356-B.Taftsiou                                       Lung Cancer

357-J.Vuoso                                            Lymphoma                                               Deceased

358-D.Bayles                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

359-D.Stewart                                       Breast Cancer

360-E.Maldonado                               Cancer

361-K.Bitchatchi                                  Rectal Cancer

362-M.Macari                                       Lung Cancer                                            Deceased

363-T.McCauley                                   Throat Cancer

364-P.Workman                                   Myeloma

365-P.Suraci                                           Bladder Cancer

366-R.Berrios                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

367-J.Schiumo                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

368-W.Torres                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

369-J.Otoole                                          Cancer

370-J.Mateer                                         Brain Cancer                                           Deceased

371-A.Bickaushas                                Bone Cancer                                           Deceased

372-C.Lamendola                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

373-J.Pidoto                                           Gastrointestinal Cancer

374-D.Cortivo                                        Cancer                                                        Deceased

375-T.Tack                                                Cancer                                                        Deceased

376-P.Gibbons                                      Esophagus Cancer

377-H.Vonderlinda                            Liver Cancer

378-C.Jones                                            Cancer                                                        Deceased

379-C.Capolino                                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

380-F.McQuade                                   Lymphoma          

381-P.Deveraux                                   Cancer 

382-S.Anselmo                                     Thyroid Cancer

383-R.Busch                                            Leukemia                                                  Deceased

384-G.Kowanetz                                  Leukemia

385-J.Linder                                           Colon Cancer

386-C.Grzejka                                        Thyroid Cancer

387-S.Cioffi                                              Cancer                                                        Deceased

388-S.Otoole                                          Lymphoma

389-P.Reilly                                            Kidney Cancer

390-G.Hess                                              Cancer

391-F.Mcbride                                      Cancer

392-S.Ferber                                          Cancer

393-D.Schaufler                                   Cancer

394-C.Revere                                         Prostate Cancer

395-J.Dimarco                                       Leukemia

396-A.Gonzales                                                      Prostate Cancer                                    Deceased

397-M.Murdoch                                  Cancer                                                        Deceased

398- R.Wentz                                         Cancer                                                        Deceased

399-J.Ellson                                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

400-N.Finelli                                          Cancer                                                        Deceased

401-D.Chrostowski                             Cancer                                                        Deceased

402-M.Magich                                      Cancer                                                        Deceased

403-I.Kremmert                                   Cancer                                                        Deceased

404-M.Becker                                       Multiple Myeloma  

405-P.Casey                                            Multiple Myeloma                             Deceased

406-R.Havelka                                       Cancer                                                        Deceased

407-J.Feeley                                           Kidney Cancer

408-S.Ketchum                                                       Lung Cancer

409-M.Henry                                         Brain Cancer

410-R.Taylor                                           Bladder Cancer

411-L.Frasca                                            Thyroid Cancer

412-M.Stackpole                                 Cancer

413.D.Randazzo                                    Testicular Cancer

414-D.Byrne                                           Myeloma

415-K.Okvist                                           Thyroid Cancer

416-A.Pulley                                          Kidney Cancer

417-M.Bendisuk                                  Breast Cancer

418-K.Winchell                                                      Prostate Cancer

419-G.Wall                                              Kidney Cancer

420-J.Wyatt Cancer Deceased

421-S.Tursellino Lung/Brain Cancer Deceased

422-M.McGrath Cancer Deceased

423-D.Marules                                      Leukemia

424-S.Hom                                               Cancer                                                        Deceased